Message from Lisa Fecteau

With more than 35 years of experience, we have built a strong and solid reputation as an efficient, flexible and dedicated yarn supplier for the textile value chain. Regitex’ story is principally focused on developing innovative products using the latest technologies.

Upcoming Events

Please come out and meet the Regitex team at the following trade shows and exhibitions around the world. See the list below of the trade shows and events that Regitex will be participating in for the 2016 calendar year.


Group Regitex

signRegitex is manufacturing leading-edge yarns for end-users in the protective, industrial, apparel, high performance and home furnishing markets. New product development is based on customer needs and a comprehensive understanding of the market, inspiring Regitex to focus development on new and distinctive high-quality custom yarns with properties unique to client needs.

Regitex Adaptive Advantage ‘Leadership Focus’

Regitex Adaptive Advantage ‘Leadership Focus’