Yarn 101

Textile fiber is a unit of matter that is the basic element of yarns, fabrics and other textile structures. Fibers can be in short, fixed lengths or continuous, infinitely long lengths. Us at Regitex, we spin short staple fibers. A fiber can be  either natural or manufactured, and forms the basic element of fabrics and other textile structures.
A fiber is characterized by having a length at least 100 times its diameter or width. The term refers to units that can be spun into a yarn or made into a fabric by various methods including weaving, knitting, braiding, felting, and twisting. The essential requirements for fibers to be spun into yarn include a length of at least 5 millimeters, flexibility, cohesiveness, and sufficient strength. Other important properties include elasticity, fineness, uniformity, durability, and luster.

Yarn, is a generic term for a continuous strand of textile fibers, filaments, or material in a form suitable for knitting, weaving, or otherwise intertwining to form a textile fabric. Regitex is a Spun Yarn Manufacturer which the yarn can be  a number of fibers twisted together .

Spinning, is the formation of a yarn by a combination of drawing or drafting and twisting prepared strands of fibers, such as roving. There are many systems of spinning. Regitex has Open End, Ring, Air-jet and OptiSpun Spinning Systems.

Open End Spinning; is a system of spinning based on the concept of introducing twist into the yarn without package rotation by simply rotating the yarn end at a gap or break in the flow of the fibers between the delivery system and the yarn package. Because the twisting element can be compact and the mass of material to be rotated is small, very high twisting speeds can be attained. The process, in a sense combines the traditional processes of roving and spinning in one operation. Present work is directed toward incorporating the drafting operation into the process by using card sliver as the feedstock. This can facilitate process linking.

Ring Spinning; is a system of spinning using a ring-and-traveler take up wherein the drafting of the roving and twisting and winding of the yarn onto the bobbin proceed simultaneously and continuously. Ring frames are suitable for spinning all counts up to 150’s, and they usually give a stronger yarn and are more productive than mule spinning frames.

Air-Jet Spinning; is a spinning system in which yarn is made by wrapping fibers around a core stream of fibers with compressed air. In this process, the fibers are drafted to appropriate sliver size, then fed to the air jet chambers where they are twisted, first in one direction, then in the reverse direction in a second chamber. They are stabilized after each twisting operation.

OptiSpun™;  is a spinning system developed by Regitex by changed the spinning process from the beginning to the end. OptiSpun™ yarns are stronger, more even and less hairy when compared to both short and long staple spinning systems.