Regitex is proud to announce its newest development OptiSpun™ technology St-Joseph, QC, April 10th 2013 – Most of the technical advances in ring spinning were aimed at improving the performance of the existing technology. Regitex, however, focused on enhancing and optimizing yarn characteristics throughout the yarn manufacturing process. Significant investments in both technology and innovation have led to the new OptiSpun™ technology.

OptiSpun™ technology provides an enhanced structure to the yarn, resulting in higher strength, reduced hairiness, and improved evenness.

The yarn structure using OptiSpun™ technology maximizes utilization of each fiber in the yarn bundle making it possible to achieve higher yarn strength. OptiSpun™ technology enhances the yarn characteristics in comparison to conventional short staple ring spinning. The results obtained made it clear that yarns which previously did not provide adequate yarn characteristics on conventional ring spinning technology may now be achievable using OptiSpun™ technology.

OptiSpun™ technology greatly reduces the hairiness of yarns. As with the tensile properties, the greatest reductions in hairiness occur with the short staple fibers.

Taken together, these results suggest that OptiSpun™ technology will enable weavers and knitters to substitute the long staple yarns with short staple yarns.

Fabrics produced from yarn made using OptiSpun™ technology will allow weavers and knitters to offer value enhanced fabrics.
OptiSpun™ exemplifies a technological innovation providing increased strength, improved evenness and reduced hairiness. OptiSpun™ technology compensates for the lack of certain fiber properties as opposed to making greater demands on fiber properties.

Regitex manufactures made-to-order ring spun and open end yarns in an assortment of colors and natural blends, using a wide variety of natural and synthetic fibres. Currently, the company is producing leadingedge yarns for end-users in the industrial, apparel, high performance and home furnishing markets. New product development is based on customer needs and a comprehensive understanding of the market, inspiring Régitex to focus development on new and distinctive high-quality custom yarns with properties unique to client needs.