Regitex Spinning Systems

Regitex integrates many years of manufacturing experience with advanced Ring, Open end, Airjet and OptiSpun® spinning equipment, providing specialty yarns for both the knitting and weaving sectors.

Regitex’s custom quality products , available in a wide range of sizes and colors, are created from various fibers and blends wound on specialty packages.

Specializing in the manufacturing of sophisticated yarns conforming to specific technical requirements tailored for various end use markets.

The combination of advanced technology and management participation has enabled Regitex to provide optimum performance levels.


  • Production of high strength yarns.
  • Spinning of fine count yarns.
  • Convenient for specialty yarns.
  • Flexible regarding quantities (blend and lot size).
  • Since the speeds in drawing section are better controlled, yarn evenness is excellent.
  • Finer yarns can be produced as compared to open-end system


  • Low yarn production costs
  • Elimination of rewinding
  • Low end breakage rates
  • Yarn character similar to that of ring-spun yarn;
  • No wrapping fibers
  • Optically good mass evenness (well suited to knitted goods);
  • Smooth yarn appearance


  • Creates functional & fashionable yarn
  • Less hariness & Clear appearance
  • High resistance to Pilling & abrasion
  • High moisture absorption
  • Less shrinkage & High wash resistance
  • Can be spun with various other materials such as cotton, synthetic fiber, regenerated fiber and blended fiber

  • More organized structure without peripheral fibers and with a better twist distribution
  • Improved Evenness
  • Least hairiness when compared to other spinning systems
  • Better tensile properties
  • Stronger than a yarn made with long staple
  • Fibers that are inadequate for use in conventional ring spinning may be spun satisfactorily on the OptiSpun™ systemas the results were better than long staple yarn