Regitex Quality

One of our values is the effectiveness to produce quality yarns with pride. The essence of this value is to continuously produce quality yarns and be proud of the work accomplished through a team effort.

We rely on our knowhow and experience to consistently produce quality yarn to exact specifications, thus
distinguishing ourselves from our competitors.

Regitex Competitive Advantages are Capacity and Flexibility

  • Best Blending Technology allows Regitex to make homogenous, intimate blends; Regitex can blend up to 7 different fibers and can add as low as 0.5% of a fiber in a blend
  • Best Conditioning Technology; Regitex conditioning penetrates from the beginning of the cone to the end which improves our customer’s production efficiency
  • Optical Clearers guarantee contamination-free yarn to our customers
  • Regitex also has a Computerized Quality Control System throughout all manufacturing processes
Regitex Quality