Regitex yarn manufacturingRegitex Group is a proven leader in leading-edge yarn manufacturing, offering a broad range of air-jet, ring spun, open-end and OptiSpun® yarns in an assortment of colors and natural blends, using a wide variety of synthetic and natural fibers, destined for the textile industry.

With more than 30 years of experience , our team combines indepth knowledge across the textile supply chain with a focus in the Protective Textile, Apparel, Home Furnishing, Industrial and Transportation Industries. As a result, we have developed feature-rich, innovative products that address the supply chain’s requirements unique to each of these industries.


  • 1976 Fecteau Family began worsted yarn operations as Du-Re Textiles
  • 1982 Important investments in Open end system technology.
  • 1998 Regitex started operations with the latest Ring spun technology
  • 2012 Recycling Plant, St-Ephrem
  • 2013 Air-Jet and OptiSpun  Spinning Production
  • 2016 Core-Spinning Production