Susan M. Andrews — Furniture Today, June 5, 2005

Saint-Joseph, Quebec — Canadian yarn spinner Regitex has acquired Du-Ré Textiles in Saint-Éphrem, Quebec, for the production of open-end acrylic and other yarns.

The former Du-Ré operation is now called Regifil. Regitex, which is owned by siblings Lisa and Sylvain Fecteau and also has two other facilities, supplies ring- spun, open-end and high-tech yarns for upholstery fabric and other applications.

“The past few months have been unsettled for our acrylic customers, as well as for ourselves,” said Lisa Fecteau, president of Regitex and vice president of Regifil.

“The departure of Solutia as a North American acrylic supplier has triggered a number of changes in the sales yarn industry,” she said. “We have established more than one source to protect our need in the future, and we are well-positioned to offer all possible colors to the upholstery industry, as well as for apparel.”

She added that Regifil has a significant inventory of solution-dyed fiber in stock already.

Du-Ré had been operating under a Chapter 11-like court procedure since September, but shut down about one week before the acquisition. Fecteau said Regitex restarted production immediately after the deal was signed, rehiring Du-Ré’s 60 employees plus about 10 more. At its three plants, Regitex now has about 225 employees.