Régitex honoré

SAINT-JOSEPH – Régitex Inc a été honoré le 27 septembre, alors que ce tenait le colloque annuel du CSMO Textile à Drummondville. L'entreprise de Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce a en effet reçu un prix « Bons coups de l’industrie textile 2012-2013 » à cet événement qui a rassemblé près de 125 participants et qui avait pour thème « [...]

Regitex Launches OptiSpun™ Technology

Canada-based Regitex — a manufacturer of custom-made ring-spun and open-end yarns for industrial, apparel, high-performance and home-furnishing applications — has developed OptiSpun™ technology to improve yarn structure, providing increased strength and evenness and reduced hairiness. According to the company, the technology improves yarn strength by maximizing utilization of each fiber in the yarn, thereby improving [...]

Making the Tough Turn in the Road to Success*

The turn in the road was coming up at full speed and Régitex Inc negotiated it just in time. “It was necessary for us to leave the difficult markets we were in as fast as possible”, recalls Lisa Fecteau, Régitex’s President and equal partner with her brother Sylvain. Started in 1976, Régitex is based in [...]

Globaltex, Regitex offer chenille yarns

Upholstery Journal | February 2008 Chenille specialist Globaltex and acrylic yarn supplier Regitex have teamed to offer the furniture, contract and weaving industries a source for solution-dyed acrylic chenille yarns needed to fill the vacuum created by the recent closings of some weaving mills. Regitex, based in Saint-Joseph, Quebec, has been a longstanding source of [...]

Quebec’s Regitex acquires Du-Ré Textiles

Susan M. Andrews -- Furniture Today, June 5, 2005 Saint-Joseph, Quebec — Canadian yarn spinner Regitex has acquired Du-Ré Textiles in Saint-Éphrem, Quebec, for the production of open-end acrylic and other yarns. The former Du-Ré operation is now called Regifil. Regitex, which is owned by siblings Lisa and Sylvain Fecteau and also has two other [...]